All Women Need More Care and Living Assistance

There are many differences between women and men read here. Different roles are required. In fact, in many cultures the role of women as housewives is considered traditional. The changing needs of today have led to women stepping out from their homes into professional roles.

It is their natural ability to face any situation with logic and strength that makes them so successful. For women to be able to handle problems in a different way than men and according their different roles, it is important that they adopt different habits. An investigation at Columbia University’s National Center for Addiction and Substance Abuse found that women and young girls use substances for a variety of reasons. Other factors and signs may indicate an increased risk. This study covers a period three years.

These findings reveal that patterns of abuse by women are vastly distinct from those seen in men. The treatment for women who are addicted to drugs is also very different. In response, research and women’s rehab centers were set up. As women’s recovery patterns are different, they also differ.

A cross sectional survey on women showed that women born in the post-World War II era had a tendency to become more addicted to alcohol. However, men did not exhibit any increase. Women can be at risk of a wide range of dangers due to addiction. However, the most common risk to women is being exploited.

Women are also more vulnerable to attacks and threats. Due to weight differences, it is easier for women than for men to drink and use drugs. There are many other factors that make women more vulnerable to serious diseases. Sometimes, the years of growth can cause problems. The risk of brain injury, memory loss, and other problems are higher in women. As women and man are not the exact same, their measurements cannot be compared.

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