Ancient Ropes, Modern Hopes

Let’s begin with the hemp marijuana discussion our site. What’s your opinion? “Hemp?” Isn’t that just weed? It’s not just weed. It won’t make your high. Its cousin is responsible for this.

To begin with, hemp is a very old crop. In the ancient world, hemp was used as everything from sails to ropes. It’s almost as if the hemp plant has had a facelift. Instantly, hemp has become ubiquitous. In your smoothies. On your skin. Even in your clothing. Clothes are made from plants, yes! Who would ever have thought?

CBD, hemp’s new claim to fame. It’s the cousin at the BBQ who keeps everyone calm. It’s used for sore muscles. Pop the gummies instead of candy.

The laws governing the cultivation and sale of hemp is murky. In some places, farmers are allowed to spread hemp seeds by the government. In what other places? It’s ok. It’s similar to playing hopscotch with no idea where to go.

We’ll talk about Mother Earth for a second, since she loves this green stuff. Hemp doesn’t require any pesticides, nor do they need to have their plants watered. Low-maintenance plants are what we all want.

Imagine a life where hempcrete, a material used for building houses (yes this is real), clothing that feels softer than before and doesn’t make one feel like they are wearing a “bag” and snacks to keep the heart rate up.

But wait. Before you run out and hug the nearest flower, do some research. (I wouldn’t suggest that–plants have their personal space too.) We must let people know hemp isn’t here just to look good, but it also has a lot of work to do.

Imagine convincing her that the new moisturizer made by your grandmother is made out of cannabis plants. It isn’t as you imagine! You’d say this as Grandma Joan gave a side eye to her knitting needles.

You’ll need to prepare a lot paperwork if you want to grow your own hemp paradise! You may find it easier to master a language than to comprehend the rules.

You have just been on a tour in Hempville. Its population is steadily increasing. The hemp plant, with its superfoods super fabrics and super chill vibrations is enjoying a moment on the limelight.

Next time you hear about hemp, use this info. This is a win for both parties. You can either be able to impress or confuse them enough to get them to change their subject.

Check out this green wonder. Who knows? We may fly in hemp aircraft next year…or not. You can still dream.

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