Bathtubs that have been refinished require regular maintenance to keep them looking great

A bathtub remodeler can refinish an old bathtub to make it look like new. By doing this, you will be saving money and preventing waste. The reglazing of a bathtub can be done to fix rusty areas, as well as chips, cracks or scratches. However, the bath tub must still perform to its full potential after refinishing. Before using the bath tub, you should wait 48 hours. Using the bath before the finish sets can damage the surface – get the facts!

On the edge of the tub, once the initial wait period is complete and it is ready to use again, bottles and bars of soap must not be placed. Water can get trapped and eat into the finish if left there for long periods. To store shampoos or soaps in a convenient location, holders are available that can hang from the ceiling of the shower. These will not damage the bathtub refinishing. You should also be aware of other items which can overexpose the bath to moisture, such as wet towels and rugs.

Cleaning the tub is very important to make it look good. However, abrasives shouldn’t be used. For porcelain or fiberglass, you should use liquid, gel, or foam cleaners without abrasives. A regular clean will reduce the amount of scum that builds up on the surface. The greasy soap residue will be removed even when there isn’t any dirt in the tub. But if soap residue does start to build up, then a nylon scrubber with a soft bristle brush will remove it. After bath tub reglazing an inexpensive shampoo and a nylon pad with light abrasion will typically remove oily residue.

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