Collection of Unpaid Child Maintenance

Nothing is more demoralizing than doing what’s right and not being rewarded for it IT Support. How many noncustodial parent’s pay child support to only have it misplaced by a disbursement office that is technologically and understaffed?

Guest Posting According to The Federal Office of Child Support’s Preliminary 2003 Statistics, over $100 Billion is owed in accumulated support to 18,000,000 children in the United States. Most states do not know how to account for the “undistributed” funds, nor can they tell who is entitled to the money. The “undistributed fund” is created when the non-custodial parent decides to write a check to a child maintenance agency or custodial mother or father without including a case number or docket number. Child support should be paid. You are foolish to assume that a money order or check made up incorrectly will reach the custodial child and parent.

There are several things you can try if the state disbursement agent hasn’t forwarded your child support to the custodial parents.

1. Ask for an audit. You need to know exactly where your money has gone.
2. If you are paying child support directly or through a wage-assignment, keep a record.

3. Never send a check directly to a child-support agency or a disbursement agent. You will never get the money.

4. They may have a point. It’s worth checking. Unclaimed Property is posted in state websites or local newspapers once or twice a month.

5. When there is a move, both custodial or non-custodial families must notify the agency that collects child support and the agency that disburses it. Your support could be held by the government and not distributed if you don’t notify them.

Over $100 Billion of unpaid support accumulated should raise some eyebrows. This shows that child support payments aren’t reaching children in the most need. And the government doesn’t do enough to fix this problem. Next time someone suggests that a father or mother stopped paying child support investigate. You may not have received the child support you were due, but that does not mean they did not collect it.

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