Combi Ovens are a great option

Countertop steamers have a boilerless design read more here. You fill the reservoir at the bottom with water. This section is equipped with its own heating system. Steamers with connections have a water inlet pipe that is connected to the main water supply of the building. The steamer requires more maintenance and cleaning.

Use only water that’s been filtered and treated with an inhibitor of scale to minimize the amount you have to clean. This will also save on maintenance. Water from the tap can affect food taste.

Combi Ovens

A commercial combi-oven can cook food quickly and efficiently using either convection, steam or both. Combi ovens may be more expensive than traditional ovens, but they can replace other restaurant equipment like warming cupboards, fryers, convection traditional and steam ovens.

Combination ovens are a great way to maximize your kitchen space.

Can a Combination Oven hold a large amount of weight?

The size of the steamers can range from 1-4 compartments. One-compartment models can cook up 200 dishes an hour. Combination ovens, which are quick and offer multiple options, can be useful in situations when food is in high demand.

Keep Your Steamer in Top Performance with These Tips

Use filtered, bottled water with a scaling inhibitor. The scale inhibitor will remove minerals from the tap water. Minerals will cause performance issues and require constant cleaning of the steamer. The indicator lights on different steamer models indicate that the buildup needs to be removed. Unfiltered tap water can affect the flavor and texture of your food.

Before cooking, it is recommended that steamers be preheated. Steamers take about 5 minutes to warm up. Food should be seasoned after steaming for the best taste. Use frozen vegetables that are separated, and a perforated plate to get the best results when working with vegetables.

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