Creative LA Pool Solutions to Maximize Small Spaces

In Los Angeles where property is scarce get the facts, a pool in the backyard may seem like something only the rich can afford. Los Angeles Pool Contractors are able to transform the smallest of outdoor spaces into a paradise. A lack of space has led to some beautiful and useful pool designs. This shows that luxury is not limited by size.

Verticality is key. These pools have elements that visually expand the space, such as raised wall elements that also double as waterfalls and infinity borders. This design increases the space of the pool while adding sophistication and modernism. Los Angeles contractors are using innovative design techniques to make pools look larger than they actually are.

A plunge pool can be used as a way to cool down rather than swim laps. These hot tub-sized pool can fit in surprising small areas, transforming neglected yard corners to personal retreats. Even though they are small, these plunge pools come with hydrotherapy jets as well as ambient lighting and miniature waterfalls.

Los Angeles contractors place reflective surfaces and mirrors around the swimming pool to make it look larger. Mirrored walls and dazzling tiles placed properly can reflect water and the sky, blurring pool borders and creating a feeling of openness. This optical illusion increases the space of your pool and gives it a glamorous look.

One way to maximize the space of a small swimming pool is to use natural elements to integrate the pool into your landscape. Los Angeles pool builders are experts at landscaping. Dwarf or columns plants will add greenery to the room without overwhelming it, while vertical gardens and climbing plants on nearby wall surfaces will make the space appear larger.

Multipurpose elements are a great way to maximize space. With benches that serve as pool barriers and decks that also double as outdoor rooms, you can combine both functionality and fun. These features maximise pool space on a small footprint.

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