Do Tile Roofs Need Repairs?

Many people have the misconception that tile roofing doesn’t require any repairs. There are some roofing contractors who promote things like this in Chilliwack. Once you install a tile roof, your problems with roofing are solved for good! It’s not the case. It is true that tile roofing can be a good option, but there are problems with it.

What you should know about tile roofing: continue?

Installing a tiled roof will help you build a roofing system that is strong and leak-free for a long time. The best tile roofs shed the most water during heavy rain, and are therefore ideal. There are times when water can seep into the felt beneath the tiles. ‘Felt,’ however, is made of materials based on asphalt. Over time, ‘felt tends to degrade. The material gets brittle with age. It will crack over time. The water seeping in through the tiles will eventually find its way to the roof and cause leaks.

When the penetration pipe or the area around the skylight or chimney opening is damaged, leaks can occur.

And, yes tiles break at times!

To answer the question “Whether tile roofs require repairs?” Yes!

Possible Repair Situations

How to fix a roof that leaks when it rains

If your tiled roof starts to leak during heavy rain, you can ask your contractor to place a tarp over the roof. It works well for a short time. Once the rain stops, you can have a full inspection done. Installing an emergency tarpaulin requires that the roof be free from algae and moss.

Repairing Vents

Roofs which are relatively new do not usually have these problems. A sudden leakage may occur. Wait until the rain has stopped before you investigate. The water could be coming out of a vent due to wind-driven rain. A tarp can be used in such situations. Call your contractor to schedule a visit for general maintenance. The contractor will clean the loose debris and check all pipes. Replace broken tiles, or move existing ones if necessary.

Damaged felt

Even if the roof is older than 15 years, it is still possible for the felt layer to be damaged. Experts will check that the bottom surface is inspected from the bottom up to determine the direction of water flow. It is important to repair the problem at its source.

Tiles that are Broken or Sliding

If you notice that tiles are broken or have slipped, then ask your contractor to do a patch-up job. Patchwork is a good option if you don’t want to redo an entire area. The contractor will replace your old tiles with new ones and then you are done!

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