Dreamy Meadows with Starlit Woods is the Niche 20 Odyssey

In the mens section, we often see a lot of woody and robust musks go to my blog. But, occasionally, an elegant brushstroke emerges on this canvas. It combines the strength of woods along with the delicate allure florals. Ex Nihilo Fleur Narcotique represents one of these artistic combinations. Imagine how ESNC Perfumery would react if they took this inspiration. Enter, Niche 20.

Niche 20 has a unique scent, which is not only a perfume but also a place where you can find wildflowers in enchanted forests. The opening notes bergamot lychee remind you of the scent of a fresh, cool breeze that blows across a lush meadow.

If you continue to explore, the fragrance reveals a jasmine core, with a touch of cedar. It’s like a stroll through the trees, with flowers beneath your feet and stars above. It’s a kind of intimacy, a whispered conversation between nature and the stars.

Niche 20, however, doesn’t end there. It invites you into its embrace with base notes like musk and Oakmoss. Like a gentle lullaby, the forest enfolds you in a cocoon full of warmth and wonder.

Niche 20 is enchanting because of its dual essence. While Niche 20 draws inspirations from perfumes the men’s community loves, it is not bound by convention. The fragrance is masculine while being feminine. It’s the rawness nature and the delicateness of petals. There are daydreams, moonlit dances, and the rawness of nature.

Niche is for anyone who wants to be immersed in a story with floral fantasies. Let Niche 20 serenade and transport your senses to mythical woodlands. And remind you that some of nature’s most captivating stories are told by her. Why merely wear a smell when you can go on an odyssey! Accept Niche 20 as your new adventure begins!

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