Get the Best of Managed VoIP Services

Internet telephony offers a variety of benefits, from increased productivity to reduced costs. Many businesses, especially those with a global presence, are choosing voice over IP (VoIP), to satisfy their communication requirements.

Managed VoIP services are designed to give businesses the skills and expertise they need to ensure that their voice quality is up to par or even exceeds expectations, extra resources!

A successful migration to IP-based services requires technical resources who understand voice, data, and the unique characteristics of running voice on a network. These skills will be in demand as the industry moves to IP-based services.

These services have a voice quality that is similar to or even better than the traditional PSTN. In fact, voice quality can be measured if the VoIP design includes reporting and diagnostic features for both quality of service (QoS), as well as the quality of experience. Voice quality is the focus of a network management strategy. This includes monitoring voice quality issues in real time at the infrastructure-level, such as latency, jitter and packet loss. If there’s a system in place for converting data into remedial and diagnostic actions, these issues will be considered. Fully managed solutions offer benefits such as:

Lower capital expenditures : Business entities don’t need to invest in the IP PBX or other equipment associated with it, since they can get them over the internet. In fact, managed partitioning service providers offer infrastructure support, including equipment, VoIP switch and VoIP gateways, as well as software NOC. Capital expenditure can be tracked easily by the organizations.

Cost of operation is predictable . The monthly charges for voice and data are used to calculate the cost.

Reduced maintenance costs A network switch partitioning provider takes care of everything.

Performance of VoIP Network: VoIP Services offer many benefits over PSTN, including improved quality service, increased security and reliability, as well as business continuity, disaster recovery, and better network performance.

Scalability : This solution is more cost-effective in scaling than equipment installed on premises.

Improved productivity A managed VoIP solution offers a number of advantages, including the availability and customization of Web-based applications for communication management.

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