How a managed private network can benefit your business

There are many VPN (Virtual-Private Networks), How a Private Managed Network Can Improve Your Business Articles, but what about PMN (private Managed Network)? It is pretty similar to a personal computer network. This is because management and support are handled by an independent party instead of on-site IT personnel. Some business experts use this type of technology since many years in order to expand and grow their companies. It offers connectivity around the world, secure data storage and lower costs, get the facts.

Private Managed Networks are Important

It is an Ethernet-based service for private data communication that is provided by a PMN outside provider. A managed network’s role in business is providing secure data transmission and accessibility for the customers, employees and partners. Delaying WAN updates can also extend the lifespan of your existing infrastructure.

Private Managed Networks – Benefits

Secure Wi-Fi is more secure than WIFI in public places

Private managed networks have more reliability than public WiFi. This is because private managed networks use a dedicated bandwidth. These networks have routers and switches that prevent data from traveling over public internet. The network also has 24/7 monitoring available, so it’s almost guaranteed that nothing will go wrong due to congestion.

Data encryption over secured connections

Data encryption allows an individual to securely communicate with co-workers and clients. Private IP Networks are a way to protect business communication from third parties. They also allow employees, located at different locations around the globe, to communicate safely with each other.

All-round support is available:

As malware was the cause of more than 50% data breaches in 2017, it’s imperative for organisations to take precautions and protect their information. Managed networks providers offer a range of security tools to keep networks safe, including identifying and blocking unwanted access. In addition, they are always available for emergencies.

Highly Scalable:

The managed provider can provide an easily upgradeable and scalable flexible platform. In turn, managed services become more beneficial as enterprises’ needs grow. It is easy to upgrade the network with a managed network.

Broadband speed is better:

The privacy of data and internet speed are improved by a private network. PMN provides high-speed internet connections, with minimal downtime guaranteed. This allows companies to rest easy knowing their network is always up and running when needed.

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