How proper meal planning is important for seniors with diabetes

Statisticians state that about 23.1% Americans age 60 and over are diabetic. Diabetes patients over 60 require a diet low in glycemic sugars and those that are easy to digest. You may experience a spike in blood glucose if you eat too many carbohydrates – click for source.

Diabetic Diabetic Food: Meeting the Challenge

Not being diabetic means that you have to stop enjoying your meals and feel satisfied with what you eat. Non-diabetics and diabetics alike can still enjoy healthy meals made with low glycemic proteins and foods. It is vital to incorporate good nutrition into your home’s health strategy. Diabetes patients are advised to eat high-nutrient foods with low glycemic levels.

Low Glycemic Food Preparation Tips

1. Fresh omelets can be a great way of starting the day.

2. For diabetics, a tortilla wrap is a healthier option than white bread. But you can still serve it with chili or beans for lunch. Split peas, lentils limas, kidney beans and lentils are all low-glycemic food options. Canned salmon can be a better choice than canned fish.

3. To eat more healthily, replace high-starch foods, such as pasta and pizza, with whole grain options like brown rice or quinoa. Whole grains are high in protein, especially when they are paired with low-glycemic vegetables like broccoli, carrots, and corn.

4. Low-glycemic fruits offer a healthier alternative to sugars if you have a sweet tooth. Low-glycemic fruit include strawberry, cherries, peaches (pears), cherries, and pears.

There are many delicious food options available to diabetics. Websites such the Mayo Clinic website have many wonderful recipes for great meals made with low glycemic ingredients.

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