Is A Brow Lift Better Than Blepharoplasty For Sagging Eyelids

This is a simple eyelid surgery performed by thousands of surgeons around the globe read this. The upper eyelids are trimmed of excess folds. Pouch under the eyelids (the lower ones) is also removed. People consider the eyes to be the “window to the soul” and the second most important face feature when deciding on how attractive someone is. The sagging of eyelids can be attributed to a lack or sleep. They may also result from gravity pulling the eyelids down.

People who have youthful, energetic eyes can be perceived to be not only younger (as our culture is obsessed with), but fitter, more healthy, more attractive, and possessing greater energy. Because our eyes can be so expressive, even if someone is a teenager who has not been sleeping well the past couple of days will still show signs. Nobody wants to appear older than the actual age they are (and many want to look much younger). No-one also wants to seem perpetually tired. The blepharoplasty procedure is the preferred method of many adults who want to look younger without the unappealing appearance of sagging eyes.

Some surgeons prefer brow lifts to blepharoplasty, particularly when the condition is due primarily to ageing. This is because eyebrows for both men and woman are “supposed to” be shaped differently to maximize aesthetic and arousal appeal. When combined with the eye, they make a very strong impression. However, most surgeons think the browlift has become overdone. Have you seen how many celebrities, and others, who clearly had these browlifts, look shocked all the time, as though they’ve just endured a horrifying ordeal, or that something has happened to them?

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