Is it possible to create a church app that helps increase engagement?

If you are like most small church leaders you have probably heard about church applications but never given them much thought. I understand. It’s just another thing on a never-ending checklist of things to accomplish. Visit us!

What if I told ya that a Church App could help increase engagement, community, discipleship and giving? I can understand your skepticism. Another question. What if you were told that you could download a church application for free and set it all up in a matter hours?

Think about it.

Faithlife is always developing new and exciting features that we are unable to keep up with. It’s true! You get an online community that includes free newsletters, digital calendars, event dates, messaging, chat, and more.

You have to be able to build and use church apps correctly in order to reap their benefits. This article will help you create your church application, launch it, integrate it with your congregation, and then publish it. I can guarantee you that you will be rewarded for your efforts.

– Concerning Faithlife church app

We don’t have the resources to create individual apps for every church. Faithlife is a single app. It allows users to follow many groups, including your congregation. Your church’s members will need to choose your church as the one that they want to see on the Church Tab. The Church tab will then prioritize your church in sermons and feed.

Although there are many benefits to a consolidated application like this, your church must decide what is best for the community. However, the free app comes with a lot of great bells and whistles. This will work well for single-site churches.

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