Keep Your Carpets Clean & Your Home Healthy

Now let’s talk carpet cleaning. But let’s not be too snobby and keep it more real read full article. Imagine that you are cleaning your carpet, which is like the one friend who doesn’t complain no matter what. Even the most patient of friendships will eventually need a bit of TLC.

Be sure to know the material of your carpet. All kinds of materials, such as wool, nylon or polyester, are used in carpets. Each has a different personality and requires a different treatment. Wool can be like a friend that is high maintenance, but who also needs gentle care. Nylon will be your go-to friend – it’s tough and resilient, but also appreciates a little cleaning now and then. Polyester? This is the friend who does not hold grudges, but gets oily (staining) hair.

The best way to clean your rug is like selecting a restaurant – no one size fits all. Steam cleaning, like a nice meal at a restaurant, is thorough but may be too much for certain fibers. Dry cleaning can be compared to fast food. It’s quick, it’s less moist but isn’t always as tasty.

What do you think? Should I DIY or call a pro? It’s tempting for you to take on the task yourself. Equip yourself with the right tools and solutions, and be the hero the carpet deserves. Here’s the problem: if you don’t know what you’re going to do, you could end up turning your home into a mud puddle or fading your rug faster than jeans in a hot sun.

Professional carpet cleaners are similar to having your very own personal chef. They know just what you need to do for your floor coverings to look their best, without causing them any damage. Plus, they will add the extra touches like deodorizers or protectorants to keep your carpet fresher.

Why do we bother? It’s not only about the eye candy, but also your lungs. Carpets can hold all sorts of airborne irritants – pollen, dust mites, pet dander – that could turn your home into a scene from “Sneezes & Wheezes”.

Clean carpets are aesthetically pleasing. Like wearing a brand new outfit, it makes everything seem right.

The green cleaning industry has made a lot of progress! We no longer have to use harsh chemicals. Eco-friendly products are available that will do the job, without turning your house into a biohazard area. Because who wants hazmat suits in their living room anyway?

Keep carpets clean to respect that silent supporter below our feet. Make sure they look good, feel good, and make a positive contribution to your home. The next time that you look down on your carpet, keep in mind that it’s much more than floor decor. It’s also part of the household.

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