Mini Storage Facilities – Security and safety in mind

Mi Ni Cang is known for its high level of security. The facilities are well aware of how important it is to protect your goods and take various safety measures. Here’s an introduction to the our site features and security that ensure your items are safe.

Security in mini storage is centered around surveillance. Many mini-storage facilities are equipped with state-ofthe-art surveillance systems. This system is strategically placed so that it can monitor the whole facility and help deter potential thieves. Not only is it important to use cameras, but also the quality. With high-definition and night vision capability, you can ensure your facility’s safety even when it’s dark.

The control of access is another key element. This isn’t the typical “open-gate” policy. For entry, most mini storages have installed electronic gate systems requiring a special code or card. As a result, only the authorized customer and the staff are able to enter the building.

We must not forget locks. What type of lock is used on your storage can make all the difference. Many storage companies recommend or offer disc locks for their ruggedness, resistance to theft and cutting. These locks are an added security layer that will make sure your unit becomes a stronghold in its right.

Lighting has a greater impact than most people realize. An illuminated facility will be safe. The bright lighting discourages criminal activity, and it makes the customers feel more secure while accessing their storage units. Quality and placement are important factors in ensuring good lighting.

As an extra layer of protection, most facilities will offer you insurance in addition to their physical security. Even though insurance does not provide direct security, the safety net it offers ensures you will be covered in an unlikely event that damage occurs or something is stolen.

As well, personalized security measures have been on the rise. Some facilities use individual unit alarms which sound when someone tries accessing your unit. This personalized security approach ensures your particular unit receives individual attention in terms of protection.

Staff that is well-trained can be the unsung security hero at mini storage. It is important that employees know how to identify and report security breaches. Just their mere presence is enough to deter would-be thieves.

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