Moldavite is a stone that has many names

Moldavite is a crystal that has captured the attention and admiration of collectors and lovers around the world. This mysterious, green gem is believed to be of extraterrestrial origin. You may not have known that the moldavite gemstone has other names – important link!

Vltavn is a nickname for Moldavite that is derived from the Czech Republic’s Vltava River where the majority of it is found. Moldavite, in recognition of the country it was born in, is often referred to by its Czech or Bohemian names.

Moldavite, because of its glassy appearance and bottle-green coloration, is also called Bouteille Stone. Moldavite is derived from the idea that the impact of a meteorite on Earth heated rocks and sand nearby, which fused them into a glass-like substance.

Moldavite can also be referred to by another term, the Holy Grail Stone. The name comes from the legend that says the Holy Grail was made from a stone green that fell from heaven. Moldavite is a stone that has mystical properties and transformative powers.

Moldavite can also be called Starborn Stone because it’s believed to come from a star-born meteorite. This highly-sought stone is thought to be the result of the impact of an ancient meteorite.

Moldavite is a gemstone that intrigues and fascinates crystal lovers and collectors, despite the many names it has. Moldavite, also known as Vltavn or Bouteille Stone and Holy Grail Stone is an incredibly precious stone that holds a very special place in the hearts of many.

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