Permanent Modular Constructions’ Economic and Environmental Advantage

Permanent modular construction is at the forefront in this transformation. Steel Cell’s innovative technology is changing the face of construction by providing solutions which are not only environmentally friendly but cost effective, read this!

Permanent modular construction has a remarkable ability to reduce costs. It involves building the sections or modules for a structure in a manufacturing facility, and transporting those to a construction site. It is possible to reduce labor costs and construction time by using this method. The factory’s controlled environment also minimizes any delays, or extra costs that may arise due to the weather conditions on the site.

The predictability of the budget is a second financial benefit. Unexpected events can lead to overrunning budgets on traditional construction projects. As the process is largely controlled and predetermined, it allows for more accurate forecasting of budgets.

Sustainable modular construction has a strong focus on sustainability. Material waste is reduced by up to 50% using this method, since materials are more accurately ordered. In addition, the controlled factory environment results in less environmental impact, reduced CO2 emissions, and a reduction of site disturbance. The energy efficiency of many modular buildings is taken into consideration when designing them. Features like better insulation, energy-efficient Windows, and even renewable sources such as solar panels are included.

A modular building’s durability is an additional important consideration. People often assume modular is temporary or of inferior quality. But this could not be further from truth. They are constructed to the same or higher standards than traditional construction. As they often need to endure transportation and the craning of foundations onto them, they’re built more robustly.

Design flexibility is a huge advantage of permanent modular building. In contrast to the common misconception that modules are ugly and boring, today’s design and manufacture technologies offer a range of options for architectural style and finish. It is possible to scale up or down the building, which makes it a flexible solution that can change with changing needs.

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