Prescription Drug Rehab

Prescription Drug Addiction can be defined as using mood-altering Prescription Drugs (without a doctors authorization) without their consent. Addicts to prescription medications abuse the drugs after being treated, check my site.

Addiction can manifest as an insatiable physical urge to use drugs and with withdrawal symptoms if the drug is not taken. When that happens, the person will attempt to buy these drugs using any illicit or legal methods. As dangerous as alcohol and illegal drugs, it is also a prescription drug. Care should be taken to handle this drug under the supervision of your doctor or Rehab Center.

To be free from Prescription Drug Dependency, you need treatment, Counselling and Rehabilitation. The best place to send patients suffering from drug or alcohol abuse is a rehab. You will also receive full counseling and treatment to aid in their recovery.

Both street and prescription drugs have the same potency. Initially, prescription drugs were prescribed as a way to alleviate sleep disorders or chronic pain. Over time these drugs do become addictive. There are three types of drugs that people abuse: CNS-depressants (opioids), stimulants (stimulants) and opioids.

They are commonly prescribed as narcotic analgesics, such as Morphine or Codeine. These medications can be prescribed to treat anything, from chronic pain to cough disorders. This drug attaches it self to opioids receptors in your brain and blocks pain signals. Once you start taking the recommended dosage, it’s easy to become dependent. The drug can be obtained through illegal or legal methods.

CNSs (depressants of the central nervous system) are commonly prescribed to treat insomnia or anxiety. The drugs work by reducing brain activity. Barbiturates or Benzodiazepines such as Valium (both CNS medications) and Pro Som are examples. Continued usage of these drugs can result in withdrawal symptoms or physical dependency. CNS-depressants are known to cause brain seizures and a frenzied state of the mind. This combination can prove fatal.

Brain stimulants can boost activity. Dexedrine or Ritalin increases the amount of dopamine stimulating chemicals in the body. A short-term dose of the drug can produce paranoia. High temperature or an irregular pulse may be caused by the drug. Condition can result in cardiac failure or seizures.

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