Self Storage Facilities-Questions to Ask

It is vital that you are fully informed about your options before making any decision regarding the self storage facility you will use. Making a well-informed decision early can save you time and headaches down the road. It is important to consult the manager at the self storage facility before you make a decision, look at this.

What are the essential elements of a self storage facility?

You should consider these essential factors when you are looking for a self-storage facility. These are:

1. Size

2. Security

3. Insurance and the cost

4. Environmental control

5. Access

Do the size options of the storage unit meet your needs

The size of your valuable items is critical when it comes to storage. There are many sizes available when it comes self storage units. You could have problems moving your stuff and it could cost you a lot of money if the unit is not right for you.

For help in choosing the right size unit, ask the manager of your self storage facility. Ask the manager for their recommendation on what size unit to choose. The manager will be happy to assist you in choosing the right size by providing a floorplan of your items or an estimate of their size.

Your goods protected in a storage facility

Apart from the differences in sizes, self-storage facilities also offer different levels security. This could be due the fact that some self-storage facilities only specialize in certain kinds of goods. The price of the household goods and personal items will impact how secure they can be. Ask the manager of self-storage what security arrangements are in place for the whole facility and each unit. You may also be able, if necessary, to install padlocks in your unit. Also, ask who will be allowed to enter the units. Do they allow emergency access to the units? If yes, what staff would have access to the key and access details? The storage facility security will have an impact on costs. The security level of the storage facility will impact how much goods you store. If your storage needs for a company are high-end, you will need a facility which provides security at all times.

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