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Finding The Best Board Certified Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

It is true that confidence comes from the inside read here, but it’s not impossible to have an outer beauty as well. As people get older, they notice that their appearance in the mirror does not match the way they feel inside. Plastic surgery can improve the appearance of many people. They report greater self-confidence afterward. Plastic surgery cannot replace self-confidence but can give a person an appearance that better reflects their beauty. Plastic surgery is very popular in Fort Lauderdale. The most popular procedures are breast augmentations.

Plastic Surgery is an Art and Science

Although the best Fort Lauderdale plastic surgeon should have superb technical skills, he or her must also realize that plastic surgery can be both an art and science. What works for one person might not work on another. Great plastic surgeons are able to take into consideration the whole person. This includes their age and build, occupation and lifestyle as well as their aesthetic needs and wants. After the surgeon has agreed with the patient on the procedure, the plastic surgeon must then use his technical skills and aesthetic abilities to achieve the best results.

No Substitute For Experience

If your plastic surgeon is experienced, you can rest assured that he/she has treated patients of many different ages with different body types. Fort Lauderdale is a popular place for breast augmentation, and experienced surgeons know to take into consideration many factors in order to achieve the best outcome. What might work for someone 40 years old with a small build may not be suitable for someone 20 years old who is tall and athletic. A competent surgeon would never ignore the wishes of his patient to achieve a certain appearance.

What Board Certification Really Means

It is common knowledge that it is best to consult a “board-certified plastic surgeon”. But what does this really mean? The American Board of Plastic Surgery, or ABPS, is a board of specialty that is part of American Board of Medical Specialties. For certification, board certified surgeons have to meet certain educational and training standards. The ABPS must maintain high standards in patient care, continuing education and medical professionalism through its board certified doctors.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Plastic surgery should not be performed in a factory-like manner. Patients should be satisfied with pre-op consults and feel confident about their decision to have surgery. The best plastic surgery in Fort Lauderdale treats each patient as a unique individual with his or her own goals, needs and tastes. The best plastic surgeons in Fort Lauderdale also use follow-up exams to educate their patients on how they can continue care and make sure that the patient is happy with his or her results. Plastic surgery is a costly procedure. Don’t accept less. You deserve nothing less than the best.