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Security in Self Storage: Must-Have Features

The list below contains a selection of features to look for in a self-storage unit. Services and amenities offered, the location and cost of the rental unit, and even the price per month, are of prime importance. However, it is security that often gets overlooked. It can lead to thefts, break-ins, and losses of belongings. In other words, renting out a facility that’s not properly secured will cost you more money!

This is why, before buying a self-storage, you must consider these security features.

If you are using a self-storage unit, make sure the outside boundary is properly defined. It should also be fully enclosed. You can choose between a metal fence or a brick wall. However, brick wall fencing has a greater level of safety and protection than metal fencing. Moreover, fencing needs to be high enough for miscreants not to leap. Entrance points and/or gates need to be correctly numbered by security officers who rotate around 24/7.

– CCTV Cameras: the unit must have theft alarms as well fire warnings. The self-storage unit must have sufficient lighting. Motion sensors should also be installed in areas that are dark. Backup memory is required for the security system. The surveillance system needs to be easily accessible, both for reviewing and monitoring purposes.

A locking system should be installed in each self storage. A list will be kept by the operator for the purpose of security. Self storage units should only be accessible by registered members.

In spite of the highest quality locks and safety measures, self storage units are susceptible to unexpected natural disasters. An insurance plan that covers your goods is the best thing you can do at the moment. Even though it may cost a bit more, one can still protect his or her belongings. You should not assume that all self-storage service providers will offer you the same features. Instead, ask your service provider what services they can offer.