The Best Sandwiches to Order in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, also known as the Entertainment Capital of the World is not just a place for a vibrant nightlife or extravagant shows. It’s a culinary haven with a wide range of options. In the middle of all the glamour and glitz of the Las Vegas Strip, you’ll find a variety of sandwich places that can satisfy every taste. You can choose between classic deli sandwiches or gourmet creations. You may find that you’re craving a tasty sandwich as you explore the lively streets of Sin City. This guide will help to determine the best places to get a good one. You can get the best guide about order the best sandwiches in Las Vegas in this site.

Hat Sandwiches

The Hat Sandwiches are a favorite local restaurant located off the Strip. They’re known for their generous portions and delicious flavors. Must-try is their signature pastrami with the tangy, mustardy Swiss cheese and thinly sliced, tender pastrami. To get a little taste of the past, try their classic French Dip sandwich with its savory au-jus.

Capriotti Sandwiches:

Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop is a Las Vegas institution that has multiple locations. They have been making sandwiches for over 40 years. Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop is known for its acclaimed Bobbie sandwiches, which feature slow-roasted chicken, homemade cranberry and stuffing sauce, mayo, and homemade turkey stuffing. Capastrami is another popular sandwich, featuring hot pastrami with Swiss cheese in Russian dressing and thinly sliced beef with cheese.


The Goodwich, a hidden culinary jewel in Downtown Las Vegas, offers innovative takes on classic sandwich flavors. Menu items include the Pork Belly Reuben sandwich, made with sauerkraut and Swiss cheese on marblerye, as well as the Russian Dressing. Vegetarians are sure to enjoy the Vegwich – a tasty medley consisting of roasted vegetables with goat cheese and pesto aioli. You can pair the sandwich you choose with a hand-cut fry or refreshing home-made soda to make a perfect meal.

Earl of Sandwich

Earl of Sandwich is located within the famous Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. It offers a wide variety of hot sandwiches and wraps. Their Original 1762(r), a combination of roasting beef, cheddar, and tangy sauce horseradish, is served on freshly baked bread. Caprese, a combination of fresh mozzarella with tomatoes, basil and balsamic, is the perfect way to get a taste for Italy.

Noble Sandwich Co.:

Noble Sandwich Co., bringing a bit of Texas to Las Vegas offers hearty sandwich made with premium ingredients and house-made brown bread. Enjoy the Noble Pig – a mouthwatering masterpiece with slow-roasted meat, spicy ham and Swiss cheese. Grilled Cheese is an excellent lighter choice. It features aged cheddar cheese, Swiss cheese and caramelized onions.


Lardo Sandwich Shop is located right in the middle of Fremont’s East District. It has a laid back atmosphere and bold flavors. Pork Meatball Banh Mi combines Vietnamese pork meatballs with pickled veggies, spicy mayo, and cilantro. Fried Chicken Sandwich – buttermilk brined chicken with tangy slaw and Comeback Sauce on brioche.

Las Vegas is a great place for those who love sandwiches but want to venture beyond the casinos. Las Vegas’ diverse culinary scene offers a wide variety of options to suit every taste. Whether you enjoy traditional deli style sandwiches, or prefer more adventurous flavors combinations, there is something here for everyone. The next time that you are in Sin City, take yourself on a culinary adventure and enjoy the finest sandwiches Las Vegas can offer.

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