The top signs your roof is in need of urgent repair

Ah, roofs. You know, they’re almost like silent watchmen for our home. Above us always, they brave the elements and take the knocks so that we may enjoy our cuppa. Just like anything else, there’s a point where they break. We can have a nice chat on the signs that indicate your roof might be in trouble. To roof restoration Sydney, read here!

If you’ve ever entered a room, have you noticed an “artistic water stain” on the ceiling of that particular space? Perhaps you have been up in the loft and found some unusual dampness. That’s basically your roof yelling “Hey!” This roof is leaking! A good idea is to have this checked before you RSVP to an indoor party.

Shingles have a tendency to be dramatic at times. The shingles will sometimes curl or crack when they get tired. If they act like that, it’s likely that they have outlived their usefulness and need a little makeover.

Has anyone ever noticed those green roofs with moss or algae? It’s not sustainable roofs; it’s the ones with a garden of moss. Although they may appear to be fairy-tale like, the roofs are actually retaining moisture. This is not good for your roofing shingles.

Droopy Roofs! You may have heard of them before, but you might not know about them. When your roof seems to be doing an unhappily saggy dancing, you need to have it fixed. Like its spine is bending, it’s not a safe look.

Grasules on shingles act like sunscreen. The granules can be shed by shingles, but if they look like beach sand in your gutters then your roof has been exposed to UV rays.

Although they give a charming rustic appearance, wooden roofs come with an important fine print. It can warp – or worse rot. I’m sure you don’t want them to catch the flu.

You’ve been receiving energy bills which make you wonder if you could power a country. Often, you’re not the only one to blame. Your home may be under-insulated due to a tired roof. Check your roof if you spend a lot on air conditioning or heating.

Finally, here’s the real deal – If you’re in the attic with the stars not just shining in your face but also peering out from the roof deck then, Houston, there’s a problem.

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