What Hosting Platform Should You Select? Windows or Linux Web hosting

If you are deciding to choose web hosting for your site One of the most important queries that needs to be asked is about the selection of the operating system used by the server. While there are numerous operating systems for web servers, there are two major operating systems that are used – Windows as well as Linux, helpful resources! Both of these operating systems are the most well-known and popular. The majority of web hosting companies gives option for these 2 operating platforms.

Both platforms are equally good, but each has their own advantages and disadvantages. Linux is open-source. Windows isn’t. Both have their own fan base and an equally significant number of dissenters.

The decision between these two platforms should be made by looking at your needs and not your feelings. There are a few things to think about before selecting a Webhosting platform.

1.) On what platform has your website application been developed using? The platform you are developing your web application on is one of the main inquiries. If your website/web application created using .Net or another Microsoft technology then it will mean that you will need to run a Windows-based web hosting. Although some technology can be run on both operating systems and platforms, in some cases the operating system of the program will require users to use the same web hosting system. A lot of websites utilize databases. If you are running MS SQL Server then also windows server is necessary.

The decision needs to be made before an applications have been submitted or else the process of moving a website can cause a massive trouble!

2) Security: E-commerce websites must be completely safe. Any website that is storing confidential information or personal financial information must be secured. Linux is perceived to be safer over windows hosting websites. Windows has many security flaws (which are quickly fixed) which security experts and hackers often exploit. There is a consensus that the safety of a server depends on how good the administration is. A Windows server is safe when it is managed by a well-informed and proactive administrator.

Linux Servers cost less than Windows Servers because Linux is free. However, even though Linux is less expensive, it does not necessarily mean it’s any lower than Windows servers. Windows, on the other part, is an expensive service. This means additional costs. for a website’s owner this difference in price isn’t significant. Linux does not benefit from the slight cost difference.

4) The Linux Operating System has a steep Learning Curve. The process of learning Linux for someone who uses a desktop OS can be an overwhelming experience. However, if you opt for Linux web hosting, you don’t have to be concerned about it. The reason is that there will be web based applications which allow you to connect to the server effortlessly. These programs will permit you to perform almost any task, such as FTP and management of databases. The applications can be extremely beneficial.

There is a chance that there’s never a winner in the endless battle between these two fierce foes. There is only one major difference between them: the operating system of the program. The personal preference of you will dictate the platform you choose.

No matter what platform you pick, it’s important to pick a trustworthy and renowned web host that offers the smallest amount of time to go down, a good speed, and quick service.

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