Why is Moldavite so rare?

Moldavite, a rare stone that is found out of space, may be something you have heard about – read more.

Its mysterious powers and deep green colors are rooted in 14 million year old Czech Republic. This country is where it first emerged from the fiery ashes of a meteoric collide. The stone itself doesn’t come from outer space. It was created by the acceleration of a cosmic event and the impact it had on earth. Moldavite is rarer and more expensive than diamonds. However, it will bring powerful and positive changes to your life. However, it is important to be prepared for this transformation. This is a high frequency gemstone that will eliminate anything that is not in alignment with your path.

Moldavite is the ultimate symbol of feminine empowerment. This stone can bring new-earth experiences to your life and make a difference for your highest good. It is possible to achieve anything in the realms heaven on earth. You can feel the call to action by visiting our online and in-store Moldavite stores. Our Moldavite pieces come with an authentic certificate to make sure you get the real deal. Don’t wait too long, Moldavite has become increasingly rare. Trust your intuition and find the perfect piece.

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